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Did you know that the Clydesdales came to America in the late 1800's?

History of the Clydesdale 

The Clydesdale breed was a significant piece of our past. The Clydesdales carried our ancestors across this great nation, transported our goods, plowed our fields, went to war, and became our friends and companions in our farming communities.  USACPF feels strongly that their historical accounts and the accounts of their caretakers need to be part of the Clydesdale history. Everything they did for us to get us into industrialization is now gone.
What can we do for them now?

Clydesdale stories from the past.

Our goal is to designate a portion of  this page to those that have stories and experiences  from the the past that they want recognized on behalf of the Clydesdale breed and those that cared for them. All entries and photos will be posted and placed into a permanent public record.                                         

Join us and share your stories!

USACPF has made this easy to do.  Send your written document and photo to our  email address:  You will then be notified by email when your story will be published.

A look at the Clydesdales Early Years.

1918 Clydesdale horse show and sale.

Women and Clydesdales have a long history.

For many years, we depended on the Clydesdales for their hard work.

The job of a farrier hasn't changed too much over the last century.

The Companionship & Pride of owning  a Clydesdale was part of many generations before us.  

Family life often included Clydesdales.

Youth working with the Clydesdales have been part of many generations.

Man power, Clydesdale power, Vehicle power 

The Clydesdale breed at war.

The United States shipped several thousand horses to Europe to serve In World War I, as war horses. Many draft horses including Clydesdales were part of this attempt. Unfortunately putting these horses in a war with artillery and gases proved to be very detrimental to their survival. Only a  very small part of the equine population returned back to their countries of origin.

The UK Armed Forces Equestrian Association does a wonderful job recognizing the history of this time. 

Clydesdale Versatility; ride or hitch it's their future, you choose!

The Clydesdales need us now.

The Clydesdales need your support and generosity!

"We are grateful for all those that work on behalf of the Clydesdale breed." 

Be part of the movement to help save the Clydesdale breed. 

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