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Clydesdale Education

USACPF provides education for many groups of the community about the Clydesdale breed; at the barn,  private events, public events,  and classroom settings.  


Clydesdale Education

  •  Children in history with the Clydesdale

  •  Clydesdale "At risk" status

  • Clydesdale equipment

  • Up Close with a Clydesdale

4-H, FFA, Scouting

Clydesdale Education

  • Clydesdale History

  • Needs of the Clydesdale today

  • Clydesdale population concerns

  • Diseases affecting the Clydesdales

  • Clydesdale Future


High School & University 

Clydesdale Education

  • History of the Clydesdale Breed

  • Clydesdale population  Concerns

  • Diseases affecting the Clydesdales

  • The future of the Clydesdale breed. 

Outreach Clydesdale 


  • Clydesdale History

  • Clydesdale population Concerns

  • Clydesdale Ownership and Care

  • How to get involved 

  • Clydesdale conservation efforts

  • Social Media

  • Volunteering with the Clydesdales

  • The future of the Clydesdale Breed

Pre-Veterinarian Students

  • Clydesdale Care
  • Clydesdale Diseases
  • Vitals
  • Restraints & Ground Work

Contact Rebecca at 602.803.4051 for information about a Clydesdale public or private event.

Real is being close to a Clydesdale amazing is petting a Clydesdale.

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