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What are we doing to help preserve the Clydesdale breed?

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Clydesdale World Populations Reported

The U.S.A Clydesdale Preservation Foundation is dedicated to the preservation of the Clydesdale breed. We created the foundation because of their low population status reported as approximately 5,000 worldwide. To put it in perspective, our friends the well known Quarter horses, have a worldwide population of 2,825,595 horses.  Of course, having 2,825,595 Clydesdales isn't our goal. Our goal is to contribute to a healthy world Clydesdale population that assures us that they will be here for future generations to come. 


Equus Trust Foundation-Clydesdales-Vulnerable/Threatened


Association of Canada 2015


United States Livestock Conservancy-5000 Reported World Wide Clydesdales-Threatened


Denmark approximately 15 Clydesdales


Rare Breeds Survival Trust Clydesdales-Vulnerable



USA Clydesdale Preservation Foundation Clydesdale-Research 2016


USACPF works diligently through many avenues to contribute to the preservation of the Clydesdale breed.


Currently, the foundation has 6 Clydesdales that live in Gilbert, AZ. We enjoy presenting the Clydesdales through the community, social media, educational, and barn events. With the support that we receive locally and nationally, we will continue our efforts to help preserve the Clydesdale breed for future generations. 


USACPF appreciates the support bestowed upon our foundation.



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