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Usacpf  Clydesdale  Ambassadors

USACPF acknowledges all of our ambassadors. These caring individuals and companies have donated money or items to USACPF. Given their time at events, donated feed for the Clydesdales at USACPF. Most importantly taken the time to care about the Clydesdale breed. 

We are honored to know you. 

Elizabeth Gorgan

Bradley McDannel

Brenda Jimenez

Doug and Joan Stivers

Bernard Angerer

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Brenda Pulice

Tanya Wagner

London Gorgan

Rena Flanagan

Paula Gainer

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Sandie Griffiths

Connie Goss

Alan Sledge

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The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.

                                                                   -Oscar Wilde

If you are interested in helping in a small way message or contact us.

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Contact us at: 602.803.4051

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