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The U.S.A Clydesdale Preservation Foundation is dedicated to the preservation of the Clydesdale breed. We created the foundation because of their low population status reported as approximately 5,000 worldwide. To put it in perspective, our friends the well known Quarter horses, have a worldwide population of 2,825,595 horses.  Of course, having 2,825,595 Clydesdales isn't our goal. Our goal is to contribute to a healthy world Clydesdale population that assures us that they will be here for future generations to come. 


Equus Trust Foundation-Clydesdales-Vulnerable/Threatened


Association of Canada 2015 


United States Livestock Conservancy-5000 Reported World Wide Clydesdales-Threatened


Denmark approximately 15 Clydesdales


Rare Breeds Survival Trust Clydesdales-Vulnerable



USA Clydesdale Preservation Foundation Clydesdale-Research 2016


USACPF works diligently through many avenues to contribute to the preservation of the Clydesdale breed.


Currently, the foundation has 6 Clydesdales that live in Gilbert, AZ. We enjoy presenting the Clydesdales through the community, social media, educational, and barn events. With the support that we receive locally and nationally, we will continue our efforts to help preserve the Clydesdale breed for future generations. 


USACPF appreciates the support bestowed upon our foundation.



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Jessica Maxwell

Dr. Chatham

Barbara Stivers

Jenna Lemos

Gina Erickson
Dianne Lindeman
Victoria Caruso


                                                                                              Rebecca Stivers



        USACPF volunteers at Gilbert Global Youth Festival. Attending events is a big part of our volunteer efforts as well as caring for the Clydesdales.


If you would like to become a volunteer contact us. or 602.803.4051.


We believed we could and we did!

              USACPF Volunteers

Meet Our Clydesdales and Their Friends



Cait is our newest additon to our herd. She is two years old and not yet under saddle. She continues ground training and ground driving, awaiting her time when she will be working under saddle. Her favorite snack is seedless oranges. She loves people and is a people pleaser. This young one knows the camera and is very photogenic. 


Oneida is a sweet mare that is very willing to please and loves to work with children.  She came to us from Iowa. She is the Clydesdale that watches every move we make and always waiting to come out ot the pasture for some personal time. Oneida is 16 years old and has been with us for 13 years. She weighs 1,582 lbs and stands 17.1 hands. 


Lakota is a retired therapy horse of 14 years. She is a very solid citizen except for at feeding time. She is referred to as the herd boss. She loves spending time with the youth.  She is 17 hands and weighs 1,636 lbs. She came from an Iowa breeder. Any snack is her favorite snack. 


Wynema was the largest Clydesdale at USACPF. She had one blue eye. She was Sakari’s mother and her nickname was Big Mamma. She recently passed and lived up to her name of female chief. She led us through every event that we attended.  She will never be forgotten.


Sakari is the only Clydesdale that was born in Arizona. Her mother was our beloved Wynema. Sakari has a very long black tail. She is 17.1 hands and weighs 1,694 lbs. Sakari loves to work and as a baby she would stand at the end of the arena and watch the older Clydesdales work, rarely leaving. She is enjoying having a younger friend (Cait) around. 



Hawkeye is the only gelding and came from an Iowa breeder. For most visitors it is love at first sight. A stunning black Clydesdale standing at 18.2 hands and weighing 1,859 lbs. He is a charmer and well mannered. Hawkeye worked as a therapy horse and was trained in dressage.  He really likes attention.


Naomi is a beautiful Clydesdale. She is 16.2 hands and weighs 1,457 lbs. She is extremely sweet, is Lakota's best friend and is second in command. She came to us from an Iowa breeder. She is our Mona Lisa. She worked as a therapy horse for several years. A very dependable Clydesdale.


USACPF Clydesdales live with 6 feral cats that were in a Trap-Neuter and release program. Some of the cats spend more time in the barn than the Clydesdales do. They have become quite friendly and volunteer in our rodent control program. 

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