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Welcome to USA Clydesdale Preservation Foundation!

Welcome to
USA Clydesdale Preservation Foundation!

Did you know the Clydesdale population is classified as "Threatened" 

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This is our moment to rise it is our turn. 

Help us save the Clydesdales!

This majestic breed was a gift from Scotland
in the 1800's.

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One herd fighting for the breed.


Be part of the movement to help save the Clydesdale breed, volunteer. 

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They were the engine
that took us into industrialization.

Extinction means forever. Threatened means we still have time.
Let's work together.

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What Do We Do?

As a Foundation, our greatest responsibility is to be sure that the Clydesdales relevance in our society never fades away.


Life is too short to not hear the thundering  of a Clydesdales hooves!

Our photography is used to capture public attention  about the need of the Clydesdale breed!

How Can You Help?


What's  important to USACPF

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  USACPF is grateful  for all the Clydesdale Breeders in the

United States.


We are Going Green!


USACPF is beginning a manure disposal program in order to support our local gardening clubs and to be environmentally friendly. The manure is easily accessible and can be picked up anytime on the weekend daylight hours. You will need to provide your own shovels and containers. Our Clydesdales are fed Bermuda grass, flax seed, wheat germ oil. We are hopeful that the manure will be beneficial for all gardeners, all garden clubs and local community programs.

Call 602.803.4051 for 

We are located at:

17208 E. Saragosa St. 

Gilbert, AZ. 85295


USACPF does not have open barn hours.

An appointment or reservation must be made.

Please Call 602-803-4051

Thank You! 

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